Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BOWLcoming 2010

ready for burning.
aka Homecoming. This week was fabulous. Well, mostly Thursday-Saturday. It just upped how awesome I think Baylor is. Seriously. Baylor really knows how to do Homecoming. Everything started Wednesday with a worship service. Robbie Seay Band led that. There were also random speakers, like this alum from the 50s named Milton. I liked him. I don't remember everything he had to say; he just hit us with some good stuff in the moment. I wish I could remember stuff like this better. Anyways, so after Wednesday's worship night, there was Thursday night's Freshmen Mass Meeting. We met in Waco Hall[where we have chapel] late at night, 11 pm. The night began with a ceremony of sorts honoring the immortal 10. They were 10 basketball players who died in a bus/train accident in January 1927 on the way to their first road game in Austin. After that whole ceremony, which was really cool, the freshman torch bearer was picked and we all sang "That Good Ol' Baylor Line". I still don't know the words. Oops. We left Waco Hall and walked with candles across campus through paths lined with luminaries. We gathered in Fountain Mall, where there aren't actually any fountains, and began bonfire building! We all carried these large wood pallets to a prepared area with sand and stacked them all up into a huge pile of awesomeness. Andrea, Katie, and I stayed later to help paint a big, purple KSU[we were played Kansas State] to go on top. Friday evening was Extravaganza, a carnival complete with a ferris wheel, pep rally, fireworks, and the massive bonfire. That was crazy. The fire got so big, so fast, and was SO HOT.
just chillin' by the fire =)
 It was windy that night so it was semi dangerous, but no worries, everything was okay. Nothing burned besides the grass and some of the blockades around the fire. ha. So that was a fabulous night. Then Saturday was the parade in the morning...sadly Katie and I missed seeing the beginning [which was things I feel like should be the end.] where they carried the torch and that sort of thing. Bummers to waking up late. But there were some really sweet floats, like this one that won Judge's Choice..it had a working ferris wheel and roller coaster on it! After the parade, we went back to sleep until we got ready for the GAME!! EPIC.
packed under the stands waiting out the storm.
 The game was AWESOME. First off, when we got there, there was already a lightning delay. So we didn't go into the stands. A good hour later, after being crammed under the bleachers with everyone because of a crazy, windy, thunderstorm, the game commenced. SO GOOD. It went back and forth between Baylor being ahead, then Kansas State getting a TD and getting ahead. But in the end, Baylor WINS!!!! This win meant we were eligible for a Bowl game! Hopefully we will get to play in one! Pretty sure if we beat UT this weekend, we'll be for sure getting one. We are ranked for the first time since..1986? Yeah. So legit. We got to rush the field after the game too; that was so fun! Everyone was so stoked. The game was definitely the greatest part of the weekend, then helping build the fire. Baylor sure knows how to do Homecoming big and has the sweetest traditions. SIC EM.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the weeks are long, weekends short.

I've noticed lately, how quickly the weekends go by. Time flies, yet it seems to move slowly at the same time. I've been here 2 months already. That seems forever long, yet quite short for all that I feel has occurred in such a time. I feel like I'm drifting away from home; I miss my family and friends, but we're all so far away, friendships are harder to keep and they just feel different. I don't feel like I have a lot of friends here; I have a close bunch, and that's it, so if no one's free, then I'm left alone. I don't really like it. Sometimes it's nice, but usually when no one's around, I wish someone was and when everyone's around, I don't mind being alone. Maybe it's the whole, I feel 'safe' because I know they're there? Who knows. It's weird. I've been consistently going to lifegroup every Sunday night and it is so unique and awesome. I've never been around so many people who are just like "Oh hey, God's totally going to rock our world right now and oh hey, yeah I just got a picture from Him or a word from Him and I'd like to pray over you". It's cool. But I can't help and wonder, how are they so on fire? What am I missing? I'm doing this project for my Health class where we had to pick a behavior we want to change and then make goals for ourselves along the way. I decided to do reading my Bible more because let's be honest, I don't. Rarely. So I was like sounds good to me; I'll start with 5 minutes a day, then 10, then finally 15. That seems like such a long time. It's been the first goal: 5 minutes a day. In fact, tomorrow I'm supposed to start into 10 minutes plus like journal about it. I've been failing miserably. So this could be interesting. I figure it'll be better, since I have to journal about it. Granted, what I turn in journal-wise only has to be like "I fulfilled my goal today." or "Today I didn't because I was busy all day" or something like that. So that's that.
This week is going to be a long one. But maybe it'll surprise me and go by quickly. I sure hope so. This Friday starts Fall Break and my mom's coming! YAY! =D