Wednesday, November 9, 2011

it's time to step it up.

it's time to whip out phrases like "it's a christmas miracle!"
it's time to start putting away the sundresses.
it's time to buckle down on school work.
it's time to let your hair down and let the wind blow.
it's time to sing really loudly.
it's time to make hot chocolate.
it's time to check my mail every day.
it's time to pretend it's colder out than it really is.
it's time to look up, look in, look out.
it's time to take a nap to power up.
it's time to start counting down the days till home.
it's time to eat to much.
it's time to be of good cheer.
it's time to listen.
it's time to share.
it's time to love.
it's time to be.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a rather boring title for an entertaining post.

Here's to November, cooler weather [at least for now; texas is bipolar.], and chatting with friends.
This weekend is homecoming! I'm not nearly as excited for it as I was last year, mostly because the freshman are the ones who build the bonfire and there's just a lot more for them. Tomorrow is the carnival extravaganza and bonfire lighting so I guess that'll start getting me in the spirit. This year we're totally going to see all the parade since last year we missed the beginning which apparently has all the cool stuff. totally backward if you ask me. the cool bear balloon, the eternal flame, the court, all at the very beginning. that's like having santa at the beginning of the thanksgiving parade! not cool.
Last night was homecoming worship at Fountain Mall which was good. There was a lot of talk before the actual worship which was kinda boring, but i thought the last guy that spoke was really inspiring. Sidewalk Prophets and Chris August were the musical guests. I don't really know SW Prophets, but recognized some of their stuff and the main singer, Dave, is from Indiana! We chatted about Indiana after they played; he's from Terre Haute and I think he went to Anderson University. So that's neat. Chris August is bomb. Kelly and I saw him at the beginning of October as a part of the 7 Tour with DC*B, Gungor, and John Mark McMillan. We also met him then too. He's hilarious. [sidenote: I watched his "Cooking With Chris" videos today and about died. Why am I not that awesome? haha] Yesterday Kelly had him sign the picture we took with him and then I took a super awkward photo with him, pretty much the weirdest picture I've ever taken. nbd. haha I kind of hate it but love it at the same time. haha and apparently something's going down in regards to a birthday present for me and Chris August/the rest of the 7 tour guys and Kelly. She went early to talk to him and then after the show gave him an envelope with her return address etc and there was stuff inside with instructions...I'm intrigued. I already figured out part of it is pictures to have all the band people sign but Kelly said that that's not all of it and anyway, since I've already met them all, signatures are not really interesting to me. A picture is cooler. haha I'm imagining it will have something to do with maybe them writing me happy birthday messages or something like that. I really don't know. But I think it'll be legit.
Anywho, the concert last night was fabulous. good times. I about froze to death but that's besides the point. I was wearing shorts and the temperature dropped and it was REALLY windy. Yay cold fronts! for like 3 days! haha Both SW Prophets and Chris August played Michael Jackson songs which was fun and Chris played his Candy (W)rap which was the greatest thing ever. There was more worshipesque songs in there too! Chris played my 2nd favorite song by him, "Battle". I really enjoyed "Starry Night" too this time around, maybe because it was like I was in the whole outdoor mood and I really love the stars and I learned he wrote it right after he recommitted himself to Jesus, so that's really legit. He had a funny little whisper chat with someone up front about playing "Stranger" which is my favorite song, but I forgot to mention it when we talked for like .2 seconds. I think my brain was frozen along with my legs. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I love every song by him so I can't wait for his new album! To think he just got on my radar like last Spring. Is it awkward that I listen to his songs every night as I fall asleep? They just put me in the right mood to sleep well, I guess.
ridiculousness. windblown. awkward.
Goodness, I'm rambling. I have to study neuroscience since I won't really be doing that this weekend and my test is Monday. bleck. I thought I was doing well starting to study on like Tuesday but then I didn't do anymore and now it's already Thursday. AH. time flies. I'll be home for christmas before I know it!