Saturday, April 30, 2011


So I follow this blog... & absolutely love it. So I want to kind of copy the idea and do my own little letters. It totally won't be an everyday thing, maybe once or twice a week?

Dear TheEllenShow on Youtube, I'm obsessed. You're great, but such a distraction. I spend way too much time watching all the clips, but I think it's worth it in the end. You get me laughing and I get to learn cool stuff about cool people. My favorites are the ones where you give free cars to military wives. Pretty sure I've almost cried like 3 times watching those.

Dear Indiana, I'll be back in 11 days. I hope you haven't missed me too much. I know I've missed you.

Dear Joy & Lady/Baylor bears, Y'all are adorable, but why are you always sleeping?! It's much more fun to walk by when both of you are out and about..but no pacing. That makes me sad.

Dear Finals, I won't let you get me down. There's plenty of time to study these next few days.That's why I went fishing today, stuck some worms on the hook. I kind of loved it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sharpen that pencil, this post is pointless.

Well, it's April. My blogging has been lacking. 4 weeks left till I go home. Life is busy here. I'm trying to focus on being productive and getting homework done and actually studying and such, but I'm seriously awful at it. I holed myself up in the library yesterday to work on my research paper for English and I got stuff done. But now I don't know what else to write to cover 4 more pages and that's realllllllly not good. 
Is it too early to start trying to sell my books? Because I just posted the majority of them on, which claims I didn't buy anything in January but I totally bought all my books for the semester then sooo I don't know why it's being crazy. 
I need to settle down and buckle down and do work. I just want to nap but it's like 7 and I don't take naps after 6 soo. guess I'll try to get into bed early. I register tomorrow morning! Finally. I feel like I've been waiting to do that for ages.
I wish I actually had something to legit blog about, but I'm honestly not in the mood/there really isn't anything. Okay, I bet there is, but nothing is pressing on my mind that I really want to write soooo guess this blog is really a pointless one. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive.
Can I just say I really like capris? I don't own any so I have to make my own, folding up my straight leg jeans so they have big cuffs and like 5 inches of my leg show. Looks pretty classy when it folds up all nicely. Sometimes they get too chunky and it looks bad, sometimes they turn out uneven and that's not okay. Currently, however, I am loving them. Perfection. 
I'll end this with something my awesome sister Katie did once. 
My 3 mundane wishes:
1. Homemade pizza.
2. A good night's sleep that when I wake up I can remember my dreams and I feel ready to take on the day.
3. armadillos at Diadeloso on Thursday. [ok that's a ridiculous one, but armadillos are so cool hah].