Tuesday, June 25, 2013

speedy summer

Well, this summer is just cruising by and I'm not doing very well at updating. Sorry! I'm honestly not even sure how time went by so fast. But I'll be nice and give y'all a little update for real instead of some weird rambling.

So I guess since I last blogged with the hope of actually blogging this summer I have...

                                           Visited the Indianapolis Art Museum TWICE.

Gone running: at Butler, by a llama farm, at Potter's Bridge, not nearly as much as I should have.

                       Driven to pick up my parents' CSA vegetable share at the farm many a time.

         Completed The Indianapolis Star crossword puzzle nearly every day; I've become a pro.

                                                  Reunited with camp friends on a rainy day.

                              Cleaned & found gems of my past from when I cadet taught in high school.

                             Traveled to Colorado to visit the relatives and enjoy the mountains.

                                          Made homemade ice cream and picked fresh strawberries.

                                  Taken a blitz of an online summer school class on women's studies.

                      Secured a wicked tan and excellent memories from working a week at SpringHill.

                    Journeyed to the middle of nowhere Indiana on a photoshooting adventure.

           Read more books than I have in ages: memoirs, nonfiction, mysteries, advice, Scottish fiction.

So that's my summer thus far in a quick photo nutshell. I go back to Texas in a week which is exciting, yet a little sad. I feel like time moves faster than I expect it and I'm like shoot I only have one week to do all these things that I could've done all summer. Granted I had a busy month with going to Colorado, taking my summer school class, and working SpringHill, but it was worth it. Summer at home has been pretty quiet, but nice to spend time with my parents and enjoy some random adventures.

Here's to spending the rest of my summer in the Texas heat. Waco, give me some good adventures!