Friday, July 19, 2013

first world problems

Well, again, it's been nearly a month since I had the goal of blogging a lot more this summer. I don't know why I don't blog more, but in the recent past whenever I wanted to blog...I couldn't. First, I didn't have wifi at my house in Waco for a good week and a half. So that was fun. Thankfully we got it fixed a week ago and were able to avoid being scammed by the router/modem company I called for assistance in resetting our password system, which ideally would've been way easier with the CD that came with the router, but my roommate misplaced. Never fear, we got it figured out with the great help of her father, computer extraordinaire. Then, she found the CD. Isn't that how it always goes? You can't find what you need, then when you buy a new one or figure it out some other lengthy way, you find what you need after it's all said and done. Ha. So I couldn't blog at home.
I couldn't blog at work either. Not sure why...I think my computer here is just jank and old so it can't load pages correctly and such. I wrote a whole blog and it didn't upload and I didn't have the heart to try again, so praying that this will work. I'm using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer so that's hopefully going to allow me to post successfully.

I haven't been up to much of anything besides work every day. It's rather tedious because there's never much to do and most of the time I'm completely alone. Our building is moving to a different building so we're the only office still here in the old building, and then half the office is out of town. People may think it's great not having anything to do at work, but it isn't all that fun day after day. Granted, I could probably be more productive on the grad school research front, but at this point, I'm not really feeling like doing school so we'll see how that goes. I know I should do grad school, but I'd rather be traveling the world. Obviously, it's unlikely I will be traveling the world, but maybe somehow I can swing it to do social work and travel? Meh. Anyone know anyone who is a social worker and gets to travel? International adoption, please. Would I get to travel for that? I'm just having a lot of second thoughts about my future when suddenly I have to really start looking to the real world. Wahhh. I had it easy getting into Baylor, so that makes it even harder for grad school. Plus just looking at the grad school applications makes me want to cry.

I need adventure. The first summer Dwelling Place I went to, the section leader that spoke talked about how much she craves adventure and I was like shoot, why are we not friends? Haha but the craving and longing for adventure, she said isn't ultimately a bad thing, but what if we turned our longings over to God? What if we prayed "God, take my longing and turn it into longing for You."? Oh gosh. That's like so what I need right now. I have a lot of unfulfilled earthly longings, but there's got to be so much more satisfaction in letting those things go and turning my wants into a want for God.
This blog post is literally all over the place and disconnected. But I needed some writing time and it took up time at work to write this. At least I'm getting paid to sit here and do whatever. I tried to make a friendship bracelet last week off of one I'd started forever ago, but couldn't get the pattern right so that's sad. I honestly contemplated untying the whole thing and starting over. Literally would take up a good hour or so of time at work. Oh gosh, my life. Y'all probably think I'm crazy.