Thursday, May 16, 2013

this is embarassing

I seriously used to be so good at updating this! I apologize to anyone that still follows this. You probably haven't checked my blog in months, so I hope you use one of those blog organizers so this will show up under new posts. Ha.
I can't attempt to update you, only because I honestly don't know what to update you on. I think the last thing I wrote was about the Bearathon? So that's great. I'm officially a senior now! Yay! I almost got a 4.0 again this semester. It's actually more of a miracle that I pulled off a B+ in my Economics class, so I'll take that over another 4.0. Crazy. Junior year was nice. Hard, but good. Frustrating, but satisfying. Alright, I'm getting weird. I'll stop. I haven't really been up to anything exciting since the Bearathon. That's awkward. Sorry I'm the person who chooses school and sleep over having a social life. Yeah, I promise I'm really in college. Plans to get out more start now. or rather, once I get back to Waco. There's nowhere to do anything here and no one to do anything with. Gotta love Noblesville. I don't have a car either. So there's that.
In all actuality, I had a purpose for writing this blog post. Really. Besides the fact that I haven't in forever, I really do want to try to bring it back and I feel like this summer will be the perfect opportunity. So lezdothiz.

But really. If I didn't have all that lead-in, I'd title this blog something like "Airplane Life." or "Travel Woes." or "That time I had the best time on a flight even though it took way longer than normal". So I guess I'll start by saying I don't think I've ever talked past a few sentences with the people I end up next to on the plane. Usually it's just an excuse me I have the window seat, if the middle or aisle person beats me there. Otherwise, it might just be a smile. I'm the worst at starting conversations even with people I know. But there's something about travel troubles that get people chatting. We left DFW en route to Indianapolis at 6 pm. But a half hour later, we're turning around and going back to Dallas. Worst. Why? Electrical problems. That's when my seat buddy, as I like to call him, and I started talking. First it was just about how unfortunate it was that we were turning around and the general Are you from Indiana?...but praise God, my seat buddy was literally the coolest. Okay, exaggeration, but I went on to learn he had just come back from a year-long discipleship school basically that was in small town Texas and there were a bunch of other people on the flight that had just finished the same thing. How cool is that? So thankful that he was so friendly and Jesus-loving. We marveled at the earth, so intricately created below us, intermixed with complaining about how late we were going to get home and how this was his second flight ever. What?! Crazy. We hung out when we got back to Dallas and had to wait a little bit for our new plane and I met some of his friends from the discipleship thing. Normally on flights I just keep to myself and listen to music and try to sleep. None of that happened. We talked the whole time. Who am I? Okay, it wasn't like the whole time, but still, I never talk to people that much. It was so great to have someone to commiserate about our ridiculous flight home and make flying fun. I will say it is always a little uncomfortable never talking to my seat buddies normally, but normally they are older business men or a couple or something like that. But I got lucky this time with someone close to me in age and someone who loves Jesus, too! I'm raving, and I'm not sorry. It was so refreshing. I don't much care for flying anymore, which is really sad because it used to be so fun. Okay, I still like going places, but the waiting in the airport isn't as fun as it was when it was rare, and I never liked the take off or landing or turbulence. But who does? Haha. Traveling alone is okay, but it's so much nicer to have someone to talk to when things get weird or you're stuck waiting forever. So thanks to my seat buddy for making my flight so much more fun and reminding me how cool God is. That's all.
I've zoned out. So if there was more I had to say...whoops. I think I pretty much summed it up. Holler.  God is good.