Friday, February 25, 2011

thank you ernest hemingway.

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?” -Ernest Hemingway

I imagine if Ernest Hemingway were around now and I had the opportunity to be friends with him, we'd be great friends. I think he's got the kind of sarcastic persona that I'm all about. Plus I just really love this quote because I love sleeping. I would love to be able to hibernate, no joke. Naps are the bomb. Only thing is that the kind of sleep I like is normal, none of that stay up super late and sleep in super late stuff. I like my 9-10 hours go to bed by midnight if not before sort of sleep. I already have it planned out for tonight. I'm going to bed after I brush my teeth and wash my face and do two sudoku. That might turn into more sudoku just because I'm semi-obsessed with them. But I turned down monopoly with friends tonight to go to bed and do sudoku sooo..I'm getting good sleep and waking up at like a little before 10 and making myself pancakes in the kitchen down the hall. I'm apparently a pro pancake maker. I made pancakes for some friends a couple of weekends ago and they thought they were the greatest things ever. I did put bananas in them too and introduced them to that deliciousness. 
Needless to say I'm real excited to go to sleep and hopefully dream some cool dreams and then wake up and make pancakes. I feel like life is so much more sane after I sleep all night or take a nice nap. It doesn't matter if my dreams were really wacky, like a stranger sawing our mailbox off and running down the street with it, or if I don't dream at all. I'd rather sleep, than deal with the world sometimes. Do you think we'll sleep in Heaven? Or will we never need to sleep again because life is so awesome, it's like a neverending, fabulous dream state?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kicks and Giggles.

I know it's been a bit..ha. Actually I'm doing quite well this semester..yay! But anyways. I don't have anything particularly interesting to write about so I'm coping out and doing #23 on that list of 30 things to blog about. In honor of the recent holiday, I suppose it's only appropriate. albeit completely cliche or lame or whatever adjective you'd care to insert in there. of 5 famous guys I find attractive.

1. James Marsden
2. Jim Sturgess

3. Orlando Bloom [as Will Turner]
4. Jon McLauglin
5. Tom Cruise
        So there you have it. That was mildly entertaining. Enjoy? 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Now

Please. I'm so done with this semester. Next semester will be fabulous. But how can I live through now? Where's my positivity? Why does time move so slow through the unlikeable stuff?
I just want everyday to be mornings with banana pancakes and friends and Pandora and lovely weather.

I've never been very good about living in the present, but it was always because I was thinking about the past. I still reminisce on the past, but now I'm more into the future. Looking forward to March, get outta here February. Looking forward to landing a summer camp job and working there all summer. Looking forward to next year, new classes, finally starting Social Work stuff. Hoping I like it. Looking forward to making more friends going on this Spring Break mission trip, playing Quidditch. Yep. This could be amazing. But what's not amazing about now? Why can't I be content to be here and now? Everything outside of my Mondays and Wednesdays isn't that bad. I'm alive. That's good enough. I'm at an awesome school. I honestly shouldn't be complaining.

This too shall pass. That's gotta be my mantra or I'll shutdown. I need to get things down even if I hate them. Like this english paper I'm avoiding. ha.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trapped in an Elevator. but not literally..yet.

"Everyone should be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator."-Lemony Snicket

Okay, it's semi-official. Lemony Snicket has the most ridiculous, yet fabulous quotes ever. I'm a little obsessed. I found a whole site that has pages of Lemony Snicket quotes. They are so great. I could share them all. I could! In case you're interested...
But this quote about being trapped in an elevator...makes me want to be trapped in an elevator. or at least in some situation that needs entertainment. Then I can make friends. I really want to make more friends. Not that I don't like the friends I have, no no, they're great. I just want more people to know around campus. It's kinda lonely sometimes to never see anyone I know when I'm walking to and from classes.
Plus, I already know more than two jokes. I'll have to work on the card trick thing and three poems. I've had to memorize many a poem in my past, but I don't remember them anymore. Like the one about Paul Revere I had to learn in like 7th grade..I think 7th grade was a year of memorizing poems because I think we had to memorize some Robert Frost one or something as well. Actually Paul Revere was 8th grade. " if by land, two if by sea and I on the opposite shore shall be ready to ride and spread the alarm to every middle sect village and farm..." Yep. That's all I got from that one. haha.
So pretty much my new secret goal in life is to be stuck in an elevator with people so I can share my random talents with them.

Why does Snoop Dog need an umbrella?   FO DRIZZLE. [yep, my favorite joke.] =)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day at Baylor!

So Waco, TX received a little snowfall Thursday night/Friday morning and we had a snow day! says it was only like 1/2 an inch but it covered the grass in some parts and I measured it on a bench with my index finger and it went up to the second knuckle, if not a little over, so that was obviously more than a half inch.
Here are some pictures of the day:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I keep things interesting.

 This is, I think, what day 6's thing was. whoot.

1. I really love making these kind of things.
2. I literally have pasta at least once a day.
3. My current musical jam is anything by needtobreathe.
4. I'm running my first half marathon in March.
5. I recently discovered how much I like red velvet cake.
6. I've kind of always wanted to go to space camp.
7. I enjoy the smell of new shoes.
8. Dreams fascinate me.
9. So do people.
10. I like finding inspirational quotes.
11. I want to leave secret messages all over campus for people to discover.
12. I laugh easily.
13. Sometimes I miss being musically inclined.
14. I really hate hot weather.
15. I wish I could cook more.
16. I've always wanted to take a cooking class and meet cool people.
17. I'm actually really lazy.
18. If I were a guy, I'd probably be scruffy and wear plaid a lot.
19. I'd like to travel to Switzerland and eat chocolate and go snowboarding in the mountains.
20. I want a big,cozy, cable knit sweater to wear inside on frigid days.
21. I like sitting by campfires and watching them burn.
22. As of now, I'd like my wedding colors to be red, white, and black. so classy.
23. And the groomsmen will wear chucks.
24. I want to take part in a flashmob.
25. I will never go skydiving.
26. When I work out, bench press is my favorite.
27. I'd like to own a black lab and name it Diego and we'll go running together.
28. I used to imagine what it'd be like to live in the White House.
29. Secretly, I want to be a spy. [haha]
30. Angry girl music makes me happy. [aka Avril, and currently.."I Don't Want to Dance" by Hey Monday]

So there you have it. That was entertaining.