Friday, November 1, 2013

short and somewhat sweet.

So senior year has been nothing like I expected in pretty much every way. I'm still deciding whether that's good or bad. In some ways it is disappointing, frustrating, and hard, but in other ways it's helpful, exciting, and crazy good.

I don't really want to go into detail on much of it for a myriad of reasons, but I do want to reach out for prayer. A lot of this year has been busy [see: it's November and the last time I posted was the beginning of September]. I've never been as busy as I have been this year. On top of the full schedule, there are things internally and externally beating on me. How's that for vague? I just want some sense of peace and encouragement in the midst of these hard times. Pray for my attitude to remain positive towards all parts of my life and for me to not pull away from things because it's easier, but to press into the hard places.

As for all the exciting and good things, there are equally as many of those things are there have been rough things.

For starters, I mentioned in my last post how I was doing Pigskin. I'm not a singer, dancer, or performer by any means and I did all that and loved nearly every minute of it. Performing was actually really exhilarating and fulfilling when I finally performed all my parts without messing up!

Pigskin photo booth with some awesome friends!
I've gone to a bunch of football games and sweat till I thought I'd turn into a puddle and shivered two weeks later. Thanks Texas. I never thought I'd enjoy football games. Granted, half the time I'm still confused as to what's happening, but I do know Baylor is super legit and we can score!
Homecoming football!
Fall break was really fun, too. I went to Independence, TX and Brenham, TX. Independence is the home of the original Baylor campus and sort of a right of passage place that freshmen who go to Line Camp in the summer do. But I didn't go to Line Camp, and it's my senior year. So we went. It was really neat to see all the history and the iconic pillars.
Independence, TX
Brenham, TX is home of the first Bluebell Ice Cream Factory. It's obvious why I wanted to visit there. I was amazed at the insane number of cows it takes to make enough milk for the ice cream each day...something like 160,000 if I remember correctly. What?! So much ice cream! We got a free taste at the end. Who wants to guess what kind I had?
Chocolate peanut butter, anyone?

Kelly and I with loads of ice cream flavors
So that's the fun in a nutshell. There are more fun things I've done, but those are the biggest things. I'll likely post in May about my senior year bucket list. Aka when it's all said and done. All of these fun things I've mentioned here are things that were on my bucket list. It's keeping me sane. Checking things off a list is so nice. When everything else seems out of control and overwhelming, I remember my bucket list. And things I'm thankful for! 
Today I'm thankful for:
1. Cool morning walks to campus when riding my bike would be quicker, but I need to slow down.
2. Friends who help me accomplish things on my bucket list and things that aren't!
3. Surprise mail from my mom.
4. Fridays.