Sunday, October 30, 2011

what happened to october?

i can't believe october is pretty much over. and how it's almost my birthday. i'm really looking forward to it. really i just want to make it through this week. and next monday. then i'll be good for a spell. whoop.
i kind of want to take a poll and see how many people legitimately read this. but now's not a good time to do it because i'm not getting on facebook till my birthday and that's how i get most of my hits for sure. and apparently from this blog i follow that i commented on like 5 times once to try to win an iTunes giftcard. so i guess people found me that way. cool.
anyways, so my life has been pretty humdrum lately. it's almost homecoming so i can write a sweet blog about that. haha. but I have done some stuff that's been fun/interesting since i last blogged. i'll make a list since i'm really good at those. =)
1. made a stop motion video [watch it on youtube]

2. participated in the Coaster Crawl, where we went to different cafes, bars, etc [all local] and talked about human trafficking and had coasters with stories of freed slaves from texas on them to give to the businesses if they wanted them. it was an interesting experience...

3. made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!
4. went to see paranormal activity 3.
5. hung out with my lifegroup and went tortilla tossing for the 2nd time ever, still suck but am oddly better with my right arm.

so delicious.

right handed?

my lifegroup is rad.

that's all folks.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

i'm gonna do exactly what i want

[that's really only my blog title because that song is stuck in my head. yay jon mclaughlin!]

it's thursday. whoop. i kinda always like my thursdays because i always feel productive. i run in the morning, go to my neuroscience lab, do homework for my classes in the afternoon, go to said classes, make dinner..etc. then the next day is friday and that's always fabulous. slash i've started saying whoop a whole lot lately and it's kind of annoying me...oh well.
so the whole point of my blog was going to be about social work and all the craziness that's up with that but i'm not really feeling like being serious and getting all bummed out sooo i'll write about that probs tomorrow.
today my friend/one of my roomies katie and i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are divine! greatest cookies in the world. and i don't even like pumpkin pie, which is strange because i like everything else pumpkin...bread, cookies, scones, the like. maybe i should try pumpkin pie again? perhaps. i think it's a texture thing with it though and it's much more concentrated pumpkinness sooo.
okay, umm what else...i got nothing really. i should probably not just blog when i don't really have a purpose of what i'm writing...
oh i've started a thankful thursday thing, so i'll share that here..[i tweet it so i can hashtag. hah]

1. EMP [early morning prayer] while it was still dark out
2. Acing my history midterm
3. Cajun food day at Collins
4. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
5. Listening to Jon McLaughlin's new cd "Forever If Ever"
6. this was Sweet Home Alabama but it wasn't actually on tv; it was some new show named the same thing as the movie. dumb.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

strength will rise

sorry this isn't actually written by me and is actually just a link the the blog that features it, but jon acuff writes some good stuff and today's blog was particularly good for let's just pretend i wrote this okay? because it's really well done and funny and thought provoking at the same time. i feel like my blog is inadequate. ha.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall withdrawal

I want to be in Indiana so bad right now. Fall weather, colorful trees, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, family, cross country. Seriously. It's killing me. I don't remember wanting fall this bad last year. I don't necessarily feel homesick; waco's got some semblance of home for me since I'm here for 9 months out of the year pretty much. I just hate how we don't get real seasony around here. All that signifies fall around here is football games. and I don't even really like football. But it's a habit, a way of life, an expectation here to go to all the home games, to watch the ones on tv when they aren't at home. Also, because I 1. don't really care about football and 2. am not from Texas, half the games that are really intense aren't that intense for me because I don't hate A&M or UT. Granted if I had been at the game today at A&M, that would've been a different story. I like going to games because of the atmosphere. Everyone's so crazy and cheering and it's fun. So I'm really actually excited for the Homecoming game because it's going to hopefully be fall by then [Nov 5] and it's obviously a home game so I'll be able to people watch and all that jazz.
Can I just say that right now fall break has been nothing like I was thinking it'd be and I'm kind of okay with that? I still want to make a stop motion video sooo let's wrap this up and brainstorm/take 100s of pictures. if I actually end up making something cool I'll post it on here. duh. =) or link to where you can watch it. yay! happy fall...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

it smells like pumpkin spice.

or teen spirit. your choice?
but it really does smell like pumpkin spice in our apartment because we have a candle warmer now that's currently warming a pumpkin spice candle. so fall.
so by demand of my roomie, andrea, I'm supposed to blog about last night. Not sure it's really as funny when y'all weren't there to experience it, nor do I really know how to blog about it. I mean it wasn't out of the ordinary minus me staying up past 11 on a school night. Ha. I stayed up till 1:15! Studying for midterms...bleck. But it's FALL BREAK NOW! Whoo! I don't think I've ever been as pumped for no school as I was today. It was Thursday meaning I didn't have class until 2. aka history aka midterm. Since I went to bed so late last night and didn't really sleep in, I was tired and the day took forever. But it was worth it. So yeah. Yesterday...I went to church and that was fab because it was an all worship/prayer night because our pastor, Carl, was catering to the fact that it was a week of stress and midterms etc for so many. I love worship. and prayer. So yeah. Sweet Dwelling Place [that's the official name of our college Wednesday night deal]. Then I came home and buckled down, I had to finish my Social Work take home test by midnight and that ended up taking way longer than I wanted. So yeah, let's set the scene a little.
Katie, Andrea, and I are all sitting around our kitchen table with the books out, studying and listening to music. It was lovely actually. I like just hanging out, even if it was while we were studying. We made cookies midway through our studying adventure too, the kind that are holiday this case they had ghosts on them. Yay.
Staying up past my bedtime always makes me a little crazy/I didn't really enjoy studying for history so occasionally I helped Andrea and Katie study their Human Development stuff. I said a lot of ridiculous things because I was clearly not all there, as tired as I was. My personal favorite was my comment about the pumpkin spice candle that was melted...I was going to write it, but then I realized again that pretty much the fun of the whole evening was the sort of fun that requires a person to be there to actually find it funny. So really this whole post is rather pointless. No surprise there. I'll blog something more quality tomorrow when everyone's still sleeping. haha
this blog had so much potential from the title and the opening line. sorry to fail you.
good night.

Monday, October 3, 2011

it's okay, i'm obsessed.

So as some of y'all know [or if you read my last blog..], I went to Dallas this weekend to see the David Crowder* Band on their last tour. =( BUT IT WAS SO GOOD AND SO WORTH IT. I'm pumped for their last album come out. They made a Christmas one that comes out tomorrow, but it's the ultimate one I'm really excited for. Anyways, I've pretty much been in a great mood since that day and it's been fantastic. I FINALLY got my picture with David Crowder. I'd already met him twice last year, but didn't want to be the obnoxious fan because both instances were not at concerts so it was weird to me to be like hey let's take a picture. I'm sure he wouldn't have cared, but I figured I would have more chances in the future. But this weekend was literally my last chance. I didn't want to leave without getting a picture so we waited outside his tour bus for at least an hour. Got pictures with a few other guys from the night..Chris August and Kevin, the cellist and guy on the Sing Off, who was playing with Gungor, while we waited. Then, David came out finally and I was ready. It was like midnight at that point so I was freakin' tired but my dreams came true so it's okay. =) It was one of those nights I would love to do over and over again. Here's the excellent picture and a video of them playing Trans Siberian Orchestra...not the super awesome part, but still awesome none the less. Christmas came early.