Monday, January 31, 2011

it's supposed to be Day 3

But I think I'm going to nix following this thing because not enough people read my blog to make this really worthwhile & I'm not that interested in it myself anymore. I'll just pick the ones I like. =)
But for today, I'm skipping writing about one of those 'prompts' and instead, I'd just like to say that dreams are so weird.
Like I'm pretty sure I don't understand mine half the time. I know I don't understand them really ever and they're way more like realistic, usually about things that I want to happen or stuff like that. Like before big events in my life, I totally dream about them. Besides those, then I just have random dreams with random people in them.
I keep a dream journal, just for fun, not for analyzing dreams. It's fun to read through them and see what I dreamed about in like 6th grade when I started it. Sometimes I'll know I dreamed something and then I forget to write it in my journal in the morning and thus, the dream is forgotten, so not everything gets written down. But I try to be prompt, like first thing I do when I get up. Except today. I know I had two dreams. But I didn't write them down. So I only remember like 1 tiny part and nothing else and I've been thinking about it all day. I hate that: knowing I dreamed a crazy dream and then forgetting it.
I have always found dreams to be fascinating, maybe that's why I liked Inception so much. That movie was off the wall in the whole realm of dreaming. I want to have a dream within a dream. Shoot, I think I'd go crazy. But it'd be AWESOME! [that reminds me of one of my fave blogs checkitoutt.]


Dreams boggle my mind.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2

Where I'd like to be in 10 years:
Well, I'll be 29. Cool. I'd like to maybe be living in Colorado or somewhere cool like that, married? Loving life to the fullest. I'd like to have been able to travel around Europe. I hope to have grown so much in my relationship with God that me now is unrecognizable. Umm...sure. I don't know. I'm not a big thinker on the future; I just go with the flow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 Days: Day 1.

Okay so I found this thing that lists 30 things to blog about for 30 days. Here's the picture...
So, Day 1: Your current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is.
I am currently not in a relationship, therefore single life it is. Single life is normal for me. I've never been in a relationship, so it's just life. That's not to say I haven't wanted a relationship. I have; I do. But I'm not looking. I'd rather like the guy to find me. I guess I believe in the whole "knight in shining armor" idea. I've had a few crushes..I really don't like that sounds so juvenile. But whatever, I suppose that's what they're called. So anyways, I've had my share of a handful of crushes and they all went absolutely nowhere. Not that I expected them to go anywhere. I'm kind of pessimistic when it comes to relationships, probably based on the fact that I never have had that feeling of being with someone who likes me back and I just feel like even if I were to get into a relationship, I wouldn't know how to be and I have the mindset that whoever I date I'm just going to end up breaking up with.
Not to say that being single sucks, it doesn't. I'm just used to it, but it's human nature to want to share life with someone.  Yep. That's all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

6 Canadians Have Read My Blog

As has one Danish, one Czech, and a multitude from the US. How cool is that?
I don't really have anything else to say; I'm just trying to blog more. I need to go running too. I think I'll try a 5k today, see how much work I have to do. =)

[I can imagine this post looking way cooler on tumblr. too bad I got all confused when I tried that one. haha. Go blogspot!]

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life is short...running makes it seem longer.

Funny, the title quote is so like me. But today, I went running and it was beautiful. I felt awesome, the weather was perfect, and I ended up running more than originally planned. I'm getting back into this whole running thing and I kind of really love it. I forgot how good it makes you feel when you finish, that you've accomplished something even if you still have a lot of homework or other things going on after it.
So I'm training to run the Bearathon, apparently Texas' hardest half marathon, in March. I am so excited now that the weather is shaping up and all that. Time is going to go by really fast and I'm afraid I won't be totally prepared. I'm hoping to run everyday and am trying to find some sort of training guide...if only I were at home and could peruse all of my old Runner's World magazines. =) We'll see how it goes. At least I have some background in running and know what I'd like to be able to do. I'm shooting for under 2:30..possibly 2 hours flat, but doubtful since I don't have a whole lot of training time and it's the hardest one in TX. Go big or go home. That's my philosophy on this. I'm going to rock this and it will be fabulous. Seriously, I'll probably want to run more halfs after this one...ha.ha.ha.
I think that's all for now. I'll update on how things are going, so look out world. =)

"Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running." -Sarah Condor
[I think that means don't be lazy! Even if you don't feel up to it, do it and it'll be lovely when you get done. =)]


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Praise Habit or my inconsistent ramblings

      Let me start by saying that tonight was just the kind of night I wish I could live in forever. Shoot, I bet Heaven will be like it, so I'm down with that. Anyways. So tonight was the first Wednesday back at Dwelling Place, Antioch's college youth group. I went some last semester, but life got crazy and I only ended up going like 4 times. So I'm for sure going to try to go more this semester around. Tonight was a night of just worship and it was beautiful.
      Singing songs in church is probably one of my favorite things to do, not going to lie, so tonight was awesome. I didn't even know all the songs, but God was so there. I needed this boost to start the semester with a bang, since I've been feeling kind of down and not really looking forward to many of my classes. The funny thing about tonight was that I felt like God was reminding me that, oh yeah, I should make praise an every day, every moment kind of thing and I recently [well a while ago] started reading David Crowder's book, Praise Habit, which is, well, about making praise a habit. Like times like I had tonight don't have to stop after I leave and come back to the dorm. Praising God should be continual, on-going, always.
      Making it happen is in a whole other ballpark, though. I'm not really good at following through with things I start or I get good ideas of things I'd like to do but they never come into fruition. So I guess that's something I need to work on, practical ways to make things happen. Yeah.

     Semi-completely new thought, but still kind of on my feelings about tonight. We sang this song that had lyrics "There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain" and at one point we were encouraged to just lift our hands to God and think of those chains that need to be broken in our lives, our families' lives, our friends' lives and then we sang the chorus again with such power. It was a really cool moment. I was just reminded of a while back when I went to this thing here at Baylor called, "AfterDark" and we got these chains, well just like the link of a chain to remind us that we are bonded in Christ and all that jazz and that was a whole night of awesomeness in it self, so I won't go on.
The whole point I'm trying to get to is that God has a way of tying everything together, and tonight encompassed two aspects of my life and that was really cool and such a needed reminder and yeah.
I ramble wayyyy too much. Clearly, I just have a lot on my mind and kind of wanted to get it out there before I forgot.