Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bearathon Shmearathon.

13.1 miles.
Toughest half in Texas.
Biggest hills I've ever run.
And back to back for that matter.
Longest distance I've ever run in my life.

Official time.
Solid for the training I did.
or rather, didn't.

How I felt after running.
Seriously? Runner's high, you got nothing on me.
Those last 3 miles were my favorite. No lie.
I forgot how much I love racing. I actually wouldn't mind running another half marathon in the future. Shoot, if I can do a half, why not do a full?

How I feel now.
Meaning, I'm so freakin' sore.
I can't walk normally.
I don't care to run for a while.
My muscles are crying.
But I rekindled my love[well...] for running. So friends, it's happening. I'm going to run another half sometime and it's going to be fabulous because this time I'll actually train for real. Not that this one wasn't fabulous, but I know I can do better. Let's do this.

13.1 is really not that bad. Take it a mile at a time and it flies by. Adrenaline carries you. People are cheering all over the place. Love. Pure love. This is rather ridiculous. But I'm pretty sure I'm in love with half marathons. No matter how sore I feel the next day. SO WORTH IT.

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