Friday, December 3, 2010


   So it's officially Christmas time at Baylor. But not winter. It is 76 right now. It's not normal though, but still. It's a bit ridiculous. Last night was Christmas on 5th Street, a crazy time complete with Christmas trees and lights all over, hot cocoa, Santa, live music [Phil Wickham&Matt Wertz!], carriage rides, and a Christmas marketplace that had all sorts of booths of stores locally around Waco. Yay!
   Looking back on this semester, I am so so blessed. Baylor is really a great school and I can't really imagine myself anywhere else, so let's hope it stays that way. Being at a Christian school has been fabulous. It's not like it's overly pushing religion, but it's the little things that really have made a difference to me. First, one of the coolest things, it's not really surprising if you are approached by someone and they ask if they can pray for you. It happened to me and I was blown away. I mean, that was just something so different to me. But it was so nice!
Christmas on 5th Street!
   Secondly, Waco is in the Bible belt. aka churches aren't hard to find and I've found one that has been so good to me. Antioch rocks. As much as I wanted to go to UBC to hang with DC*B, Antioch is just what I needed. My lifegroup is seriously the greatest thing ever. Everyone is so...passionate. intentional. encouraging. fun. I LOVE IT. I need everything they're giving to me. Being away from home and everything I know, it's nice knowing there are people here for me and rooting for me and wanting me to feel at home here. I wish I could hang out with these people all the time.
   Thirdly, on a less important note, Baylor is so legit. I have seen Tenth Avenue North, Matt Maher, Robbie Seay Band, Dave Barnes, Phil Wickham...all for freee. Granted, it's probs in my random Student Fees, but at least I know I'm getting my money's worth! Plus I've met David Crowder and been to his house. Sorry I didn't take a picture. I'm trying to keep my obsession low-key. Also, Baylor sports. I never really liked football, but here Texans love it and I kinda did too. Running the line, being in a sea of gold and green; school spirit is definitely never lacking. Random Sic 'Ems through out the day...not strange, rather expected, even though it doesn't really happen that much. ha. Baylor basketball is just starting up now too and our teams ROCK. It's going to be a great season.
  So there you have it. Baylor has blessed me on so many levels. I'm glad I picked here, even if it is far from home. It's beginning to feel like home just a little bit more, especially since I haven't been home at all so it's like "ohhh going home is for the weak. I'm hardcore." =)


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  1. Beth, I think you are correct in that Baylor is perfect for you. I wish it wasn't in Texas but I am so thankful that you are content there and loving your life. That is what is so important. I am especially pleased that you have found some great friends to encourage you in your walk with God. Love you, Mom