Monday, July 4, 2011

as of lately

I haven't been blogging well lately. Sorry about that. I do miss writing about things, just I get caught up in doing other things that I forget what I want to blog or that I was even planning to blog. haha. I'm kinda like Dory when it comes to things on the computer. I need to work on not getting sucked into nonsense.
So I just felt like sharing some random snippets of my life lately.
1. I substitute nannyed for a friend last week. Best quote of that time..."Raindrops are like basketballs that turn into little people falling all over." This is why I love little kids. They say the funniest things while being completely serious about it.
2. I learned to french braid my hair the other day. New hairstyle till I get it cut in August? Yes.
3. I spent yesterday with my family in Bloomington and it was great fun. Tonight, celebrating the 4th with a classic dinner and reminiscing about riding the bus and gym class and awesome birthday parties. I love laughing with my family.
4. This has nothing to do with me, but I just realized we sang part of a Mumford & Sons song at church last night. Excellent.
5. Tomorrow I'm nannying again and my friend Kelly from Texas is here! I've been missing my Baylor friends so I'm glad I get to see her before actually having to be back at school.

I plan on blogging more than just lists and stuff, but let's be honest...if you know me, you most likely know how much I enjoy lists. =)

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  1. Hey!
    so um our day and a part together=amazing fun!!!
    can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!!!