Friday, July 15, 2011

mischief managed.

okay. i'm caving. and writing about harry potter. last night was seriously the best time of my summer. siriusly. =) most epic movie ever. well, inception was pretty epic, but yeah. harry's just a classic and pretty much the coolest ever, soo he wins.
I'll be honest though and say that I wasn't huge into HP my whole life. I did read them when I was young. I remember reading the 4th one in 4th grade...that massive book sat on my desk in school and I'm pretty sure people were questioning me as to how I was reading it/why I was. But it's so good. Some people don't understand. Some people aren't readers. But you can't call yourself a true HP fan [in my opinion], if you haven't read the books. I took it upon myself last summer to reread all the books/actually finish the series. I was pleased with myself and thus became a strong follower of all things Harry. Okay, that might be pushing it. But, I did renew my love for the books. Then over Thanksgiving, I corralled my friends I was staying with to watch all the movies. But we skipped the first one for some reason...rather unfortunate because that one's kind of a big deal. And they hadn't read the books. So as we went through the rest, I had to explain a lot and that kind of takes away from the experience. We didn't get to the 7th one either and didn't get around to seeing it in theaters since it was still in theaters at that time. So I didn't get to watch that one until Easter. But it was beautiful. Again, I was watching it with a friend who hadn't read the books...come on people! Needless to say, I was pumped that I'd be around to see the July 15 premiere, since I didn't get to go to the first part in November. My friends and I in preparation for the day watched every movie from 1-7 in their entirety...including 6 and 7.1 on the day of the premiere. So great. We all dressed up for the premiere as well...loads o' fun. I dressed as a house elf, a pretty awesome one if you ask me. =) My friends and sister and I all rocked our costumes and got our pictures taken with lots of random people which was entertaining. Finally it was midnight and the movie began. I didn't remember everything that happened but I knew the main stuff and the movie was done so well in accordance to the book. It was epic. Satisfying. Magnificent. I want to see it again. Also, there's something about seeing a midnight premiere of a movie...everyone in the theater is obviously really pumped to see said movie and it's always great when the audience claps at awesome moments or awws at sad ones in unision.
Now, Harry and Ron, and Hermione and Neville and everyone's story is completed on the big screen. But as J.K. Rowling said...Hogwarts will always welcome us back whether it be through the books or the movies. And Harry lives on in our hearts. Sigh. I'm on a HP high right now. haha.

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