Saturday, August 27, 2011

everyone likes tacos.

    Living in an apartment with friends really opens your eyes to how different you all are. My philosophies are so different from my friends and sometimes it's really frustrating. It's going to take some serious patience in some instances for me to handle things. I'm trying to keep an open mind that just because things aren't done how I'm used to doesn't mean they don't work and even if my way is more efficient or whatever, I can't expect my roommates to abide by what I've grown up with. Habits are hard to change...including my own. I reuse ziplock bags; my roommates throw them away. I cook things differently than they do. We all have different opinions about using our cellphones at the table while we're eating together. They like to throw cloth napkins in the wash after one use; I just fold it so the dirty part is on the inside. Y'all probably don't care what we do differently, but it's just helping me realize the differences and where I need to remember to take 2 breaths or something before reacting.     
    This probably sounds like everything that my roommates do, I don't like and that's totally not true. There are a lot of ways in which we have the same thoughts and ways, but it's obviously the ones that vary that I notice more and need to consciously make a note of to not freak out about it everytime.
It's just been on my mind lately as we've been grocery shopping and cooking and whatever together.      
   Ahh life. It's a beautiful thing. I'm excited for this semester to live life together with my roomies who are some of my favorite people here at Baylor. I'm ready to get involved in things around campus and get my life in some semblance of a working, well oiled life. But I'm open to spontaneity and fun adventures; I don't want to become a person who just stays holed up inside and by myself. I'm hoping I'll be able to branch out and make friends in my classes that I'll be friends with outside of class.
This year is going to be fabulous. Let's eat some tacos. [that's what we had for dinner tonight. noms. actually it was more like taco salad, but regardless, it was tasty.]

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