Friday, September 9, 2011

foul ball. [aka no catch up].

ha. trying to be clever with that post title...i need to write to catch y'all up on life in the big Tex. But currently I'm feeling crappy and kind of annoyed so yeah. Sorry, the catching up will have to wait. here's a quicky letter post.

Dear Painting, You are probably one of my favorite things to do. I wish I'd paint more. So relaxing. I could paint a whole wall and love it. Seriously.

Dear Roommates, You know who you are. and you know what you need to do. or rather, not do. I know you'll laugh at this, but I'm for real. I can always not take care of crickets when they show up late at night and y'all are screaming. It's a good thing I still like y'all enough. =)

Dear Reading, I used to think I enjoyed you. I mean I still do, just not academically. If you'd lighten your load in all my classes, I'd probably enjoy them a lot more. Although, the reading for English and History hasn't been bad. It's the Neuroscience and Social Work that's getting me.

my first canvas painting!

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