Saturday, September 29, 2012

it's raining, it's pouring, i'm almost snoring

I wish. Ha. It's actually only like 6pm so I'm nowhere near snoring. But I've been sitting at my computer for far too long working on fixing this assignment I didn't do right for my social work practice class. and watching some How I Met Your Mother in the mix of that. It's been raining literally all day. I woke up and thought about running in the rain, but something about that seemed so depressing and wet-rat feeling so I nixed that idea and went back to sleep longer.
I know I haven't written in a long time about random things of the semester, so I thought I'd try to do that a bit. I'll just make a little list of exciting things that have happened so far this semester, some probably bigger than others, but you know.

1. Well the other day, I went on a spontaneous adventure with one of my roommates around Waco. We visited some places that made me feel like a tourist in my own town, which was loads of fun. The best part was discovering a castle. Yep, you read that right. Waco has a castle!! After being in Scotland and seeing amazing castles in my travels abroad, this castle was pretty weak, but still amazing to see even a little guy!

2. A couple weeks ago, one of my good friends from high school was in Waco for a conference with her team from Invisible Children. It was such refreshment to get to hang out with her where I am so much of my life now and show her cool places and see her joy and passion. I absolutely love her and am so glad she gets to be back here at the end of October!

3. That same week my friend was here I went to my first concert since being back in the states and praise Jesus, it was $5 and at Common Grounds. Love. The artist was Steve Moakler and I actually had never heard his music until like 2 months ago when I saw that he was coming to Common Grounds. I had heard of his name because he's friends with a lot of other musical artists I like. So I started on a kick of nothing but Steve Moakler for the longest time leading up to the concert. I went with a freshman friend and her roommate and then we ran into one of her guy friends while waiting in line, so we all hung out and concerted it up together. It was lots of fun to get to hang out with people I don't see all the time and make new friends.

4. I've started volunteering for my Poverty in Waco class at the church I go to down here with this program they do every Friday night called FEAST. It's a meal and a sort of church service, ministry time for the poor. It's really cool. I sit with the people and try to talk to them and get to know them and engage them in the service. It's hard because I'm not as comfortable around adults, and being a new volunteer is weird because almost all the other volunteers have been doing it forever/are adults so I feel a little out of place, but whatever. There's this one guy I've sat with the past 2 weeks named Carl who is a sweet old man who I hope I'll get to know more.

5. Once forever ago at the beginning of the year, I was a Welcome Week Leader.
6. I've gotten better at Tai Chi. I have my midterm next week. Eek.
7. I made a recipe I found on Pinterest. It was a rousing success.
9. I actually did something for Labor Day and went to Austin.
10. Then I went to the only Baylor game I've gone to all year. Boo away games and schedule conflicts. But I saw a friend from Indiana who's at SMU this semester! That was a blasty blast.

That's all I...WAIT. NO IT'S NOT. I almost forgot about another one of my favorite moments from this past week.
11. Thursday, I went to lunch with my sociology professor. I absolutely love his class because he is so unique in the way he does things and he definitely makes class and learning fun for everyone. He also does awesome stuff like invite whoever to go to lunch in the dining hall with him. So I did. Granted, I probably wouldn't have gone if my one friend in the class wasn't going either and he's kind of a legend in class now because of his social norm breaking, so yeah. Haha either way, lunch was really a good experience. I think my professor [Kevin, as he asks us to call him] said it best. He said something to the effect that Baylor is a top research university with the heart of a liberal arts college. So we get the amazing opportunity to be able to not only go to great big sporting events and the like, but also enjoy the chance to get to go to lunch with professors and it not be out of place. Baylor's in the sweet spot of higher education and I'm so glad I took advantage of that sweet spot to go to lunch with a professor! Not many people get that chance, so sic 'em bears. Haha

Indiana friends!

Pinterest success.
postcard perfect weekend.
Waco's very own castle!

living the dream.

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