Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Beginning

So I'm not sure how I'll be at this blogging thing, bear with me. haha. bear joke. Those happen kinda a lot at Baylor. So yeah. Baylor. I'm here! =) The journey down was long. That's really all I want to say about that. Move in day was last Thursday. That was good. I took my math placement test that morning before moving in, went and moved in, met my roommate, went back to the hotel and ate lunch, went shopping at Target where everyone and their brother was getting stuff for Baylor dorms. It was hilarious.
So we basically spent a whole lot of the day moving me in. My roommate Rachel is super nice. She's from Houston so I can hang out with her family over the breaks where I won't go home. Anyways, after moving me in all all that, we had a welcome dinner and it was hot out. hah. After that Mom and Dad left me and went to their "Parent Split Party" and I went to meet my welcome week group. That was kind of hard because I still didn't know anyone besides my roommate and we weren't together. But I found my group quickly. The leaders, Bethany and Christine were FAB. Our whole group was FAB. We're hanging out lots even though Welcome Week is done. =) Thursday night was still tough because we weren't really close as a group yet and I was feeling really lonely. I got lost walking back to my dorm too. But it's a safe campus. =)
This is getting long for one entry so I'm going to stop and do homework and skype with the rentals, then I'll try to get back to this.

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