Friday, August 27, 2010


So I kinda suck at this whole updating thing. I don't even know where to start. bahhhh. Welcome week activities? Well, the coolest stuff that went on I already posted pics of but i'll elaborate more I guess? So Friday night was a Hall Tradition night, the guys' dorms all went around to the different girls' dorms and serenaded them. It was hilarious albeit a bit awkward. They gave out flowers and danced with girls. aka awkward. Because they totally just danced with the pretty girls. Although some guy did dance with me. I don't even remember his name and he didn't give me a flower. and I was just like..uhh this is weird. I'd rather talk with you than dance and talk with you. It was so hot that night too. So we were all sweaty and it was great. haha. But after all the guys' came by, the last dorm that visited us NoRo girls was Martin hall. They had a dance party thing in the basement of SoRo. NoRo and SoRo stand for North and South Russell. I'm in North Russell. I hung out with two other girls and two Martin guys for a while. They were super nice. But I didn't get their numbers because I didn't have my phone on me! Sad pandas.
Another fun thing was The Big Event on Saturday night. The theme was Neon Nights. So our welcome week group all got together and got shirts and spray painted them neon and they looked sweet. There was a live band, Blue Finger Disco, from Austin. They were great but slightly sketch. I don't really like dancing at all but I danced at this craziness. It was friggin' awesome. My calves were sore the next day. The next day was Sunday. aka church day! aka new post. over and out scouts. =D

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