Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sundays. Church days! Lazy days. Should do my homework days! So I've gone to two different churches and I kinda wanna write about my experiences just 'cause. They were both similiar but not. So yeah. Let's go. So first, I'll preface this with the fact that I seriously love David Crowder. and I met him. =) That was cool. It wasn't earth shattering. But I was probably like super tired because it was Welcome Week and we were busy soooo much. He was so chill and taller than I imagined. I'm hoping I will have future encounters with him. I'd like to chat with him without being a fan. Anyways, so the first Sunday rolls around and I go to University Baptist Church at 10:30, aka DC*B's church. I went with one of my friends and it was a good time. The worship was obvi real good. The sermon wasn't bad, but I couldn't tell you what it was about anymore. The church itself is like in a warehouse-ish building. Like the floors aren't carpeted and our seats are black plastic with metal legs and whatnot. It was a lot of college kids and some adults. After UBC, we went to Antioch with some people from our WW group. Antioch was more established, kinda reminded me of Grace..maybe it was just the cushy chairs. haha. The people at Antioch were also a lot of college kids and graduates. I felt like there the people were wayyy more into the whole "Jesus thing". It was pretty intense. I equated it to Nick Brooks times like 200. because that's like how many people there were. hah. actually I'm horrible with estimating crowds sooo who knows. Um so yeah. I liked both though for their different reasons so I just don't know what Imma gonna do. Bahh.
That reminds me. I went to UBC again this week, by myself which kinda sucked but it was a good service called "Couch Talk" where the 'leaders' of the church or the different aspects of the church rather, talked about the purposes and the vision and stuff and it was cool. DC*B rocked out again. I liked the worship set a lot more this time, if that's possible with those guys. =) So that was this Sunday.
   Sunday night I went to a "lifegroup" which is like small groups, with one of my WW leaders[it was her group she goes to] and then 2 other friendlies from our WW group, Nathan and Kristin. Life group was really unique. We worshipped together, ate good food, and prayed about the coming year, what we wanted the group to do, look like etc. Then we split up into girls and guys and just shared something we were struggling with and what not and then prayed for eachother in pairs. It was super cool. Everyone there was real nice and all about God. Honestly, I've never really been around people so like that. Like I was talking to one of the guys there and he's like "hey do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?" I'm like "yes i do" and he's all "Can you describe to me what it's like?" and I'm like "Whaaa?" I was totally not expecting that. So I asked him to describe his and he launched into all this stuff that God's been doing in his life and it was really neat. I was like "Gee, I wanna be like that." I don't know how people get like that. It's crazy.
So this video is from Serenade. I believe I mentioned that in a previous post. =) Sorry if it's like all weird set up. I'm not very good with technology. I made a tumblr before this and it was like super not cool like other people's I've seen so I thought this might be a little simpler for me. =)

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  1. Go to my church! It's awesome! :]
    I'm glad to see you're making friends. Way to be, Beth. Baylor sounds great!