Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I keep things interesting.

 This is, I think, what day 6's thing was. whoot.

1. I really love making these kind of things.
2. I literally have pasta at least once a day.
3. My current musical jam is anything by needtobreathe.
4. I'm running my first half marathon in March.
5. I recently discovered how much I like red velvet cake.
6. I've kind of always wanted to go to space camp.
7. I enjoy the smell of new shoes.
8. Dreams fascinate me.
9. So do people.
10. I like finding inspirational quotes.
11. I want to leave secret messages all over campus for people to discover.
12. I laugh easily.
13. Sometimes I miss being musically inclined.
14. I really hate hot weather.
15. I wish I could cook more.
16. I've always wanted to take a cooking class and meet cool people.
17. I'm actually really lazy.
18. If I were a guy, I'd probably be scruffy and wear plaid a lot.
19. I'd like to travel to Switzerland and eat chocolate and go snowboarding in the mountains.
20. I want a big,cozy, cable knit sweater to wear inside on frigid days.
21. I like sitting by campfires and watching them burn.
22. As of now, I'd like my wedding colors to be red, white, and black. so classy.
23. And the groomsmen will wear chucks.
24. I want to take part in a flashmob.
25. I will never go skydiving.
26. When I work out, bench press is my favorite.
27. I'd like to own a black lab and name it Diego and we'll go running together.
28. I used to imagine what it'd be like to live in the White House.
29. Secretly, I want to be a spy. [haha]
30. Angry girl music makes me happy. [aka Avril, and currently.."I Don't Want to Dance" by Hey Monday]

So there you have it. That was entertaining.

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