Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Now

Please. I'm so done with this semester. Next semester will be fabulous. But how can I live through now? Where's my positivity? Why does time move so slow through the unlikeable stuff?
I just want everyday to be mornings with banana pancakes and friends and Pandora and lovely weather.

I've never been very good about living in the present, but it was always because I was thinking about the past. I still reminisce on the past, but now I'm more into the future. Looking forward to March, get outta here February. Looking forward to landing a summer camp job and working there all summer. Looking forward to next year, new classes, finally starting Social Work stuff. Hoping I like it. Looking forward to making more friends going on this Spring Break mission trip, playing Quidditch. Yep. This could be amazing. But what's not amazing about now? Why can't I be content to be here and now? Everything outside of my Mondays and Wednesdays isn't that bad. I'm alive. That's good enough. I'm at an awesome school. I honestly shouldn't be complaining.

This too shall pass. That's gotta be my mantra or I'll shutdown. I need to get things down even if I hate them. Like this english paper I'm avoiding. ha.

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