Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I've Noticed

Things I've Noticed Around the Baylor Campus:
1. Virtually every girl owns and wears Nike running shorts.
2. Sometimes they'll even wear them with nice sandals.
3. If you're a girl and you're walking up to a door, 99% of the time a boy will be there to open in for you.
4. The dorm rooms and lots of the classrooms are chilly.
5. Finding fun, random stuff to do it a must.
6. There's usually more than one free food event a week.
7. Even though the buildings look classy on the outside[minus the old gym], they're fairly old school inside. aka right-handed and left-handed desks. I usually sit in right-handed ones even though I'm left-handed because the left-handed ones are few and far between and almost always on the very left of the room in the front.
8. We house the biggest climbing wall in our SLC[Student Life Center aka fitness facility] in all of Texas, maybe the US? I'm not positive on that one. But it's over 50 feet tall. Legit.
9. Vegetarian=waffles, salad, cheese, and depending on the dining hall there are actual veggie meals like sun-dried tomato wraps etc. [at least today at Collins there were.]
10. People aren't out late at night. like past 10. They're studying!
11. I like Baylor. =)
                                        just hanging out with "Dad", Judge Baylor. =)

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