Monday, January 31, 2011

it's supposed to be Day 3

But I think I'm going to nix following this thing because not enough people read my blog to make this really worthwhile & I'm not that interested in it myself anymore. I'll just pick the ones I like. =)
But for today, I'm skipping writing about one of those 'prompts' and instead, I'd just like to say that dreams are so weird.
Like I'm pretty sure I don't understand mine half the time. I know I don't understand them really ever and they're way more like realistic, usually about things that I want to happen or stuff like that. Like before big events in my life, I totally dream about them. Besides those, then I just have random dreams with random people in them.
I keep a dream journal, just for fun, not for analyzing dreams. It's fun to read through them and see what I dreamed about in like 6th grade when I started it. Sometimes I'll know I dreamed something and then I forget to write it in my journal in the morning and thus, the dream is forgotten, so not everything gets written down. But I try to be prompt, like first thing I do when I get up. Except today. I know I had two dreams. But I didn't write them down. So I only remember like 1 tiny part and nothing else and I've been thinking about it all day. I hate that: knowing I dreamed a crazy dream and then forgetting it.
I have always found dreams to be fascinating, maybe that's why I liked Inception so much. That movie was off the wall in the whole realm of dreaming. I want to have a dream within a dream. Shoot, I think I'd go crazy. But it'd be AWESOME! [that reminds me of one of my fave blogs checkitoutt.]


Dreams boggle my mind.

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