Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 Days: Day 1.

Okay so I found this thing that lists 30 things to blog about for 30 days. Here's the picture...
So, Day 1: Your current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is.
I am currently not in a relationship, therefore single life it is. Single life is normal for me. I've never been in a relationship, so it's just life. That's not to say I haven't wanted a relationship. I have; I do. But I'm not looking. I'd rather like the guy to find me. I guess I believe in the whole "knight in shining armor" idea. I've had a few crushes..I really don't like that sounds so juvenile. But whatever, I suppose that's what they're called. So anyways, I've had my share of a handful of crushes and they all went absolutely nowhere. Not that I expected them to go anywhere. I'm kind of pessimistic when it comes to relationships, probably based on the fact that I never have had that feeling of being with someone who likes me back and I just feel like even if I were to get into a relationship, I wouldn't know how to be and I have the mindset that whoever I date I'm just going to end up breaking up with.
Not to say that being single sucks, it doesn't. I'm just used to it, but it's human nature to want to share life with someone.  Yep. That's all.

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