Thursday, September 23, 2010

Butterfly Circus.

(So I tried to embed this and it didn't work.  This is just a link to the page. )

This is such a great video. I honestly had tears in my eyes at the end. Thanks to Andrea Garza who showed me the video. It's about hope. Hope is a beautiful thing. I often don't realize how necessary hope is and how it really is always there, you just might have to dig a little to find it. No worries, I'm not feeling hopeless, more hopeful. I've been doubting my major decision so I'm going to get career counseling and am hopeful that things will work out well. Perhaps they won't be what I wanted or thought I wanted, but that's why God's around. He's  got it all under control. He knows what's going down, even when I don't. That's always a good reminder.
So I guess, that's all for now. I'm feeling anxious about getting my future figured out pronto, but at the same time, I'm alright with how things are. I like Baylor, I like my friends, I like getting packages in the mail and listening to classical music and wearing my glasses and eating ice cream, and feeling happy. It's all in God's hands. I'm pretty sure He's smarter than I am. So here's to doing it God's way aka a new acronym, also supplied by my dear friend Andrea. FAITH: Forget About It, Trust Him. =)

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  1. Thanks for the movie link. I got teary when the boy on crutches came to thank the limbless guy (forgot his name) after he jumped in the barrel of water.
    Yes, I think keeping your eyes on Jesus makes things clearer or at least less scary. God is pleased when we trust Him with our lives. I'm eagerly waiting to see what He reveals to you.