Friday, September 17, 2010

endless summer and david crowder

I've decided that living in Texas is basically like summer. all the time. It was nice for like 4 days when it was rainy so it was actually cooler. But it rained all day for 4 days so that was kind of sad. I did get to use my rainboots and umbrella a lot though. Thanks hurricane Hermine!! =)  I think I'm somewhat used to the heat, but I'd really love to wear hoodies and jeans and rock the cool weather cardigans, etc. Supposedly once it hits October, the temperature drops, so I can't wait. =)
     Let's see...what's new in my life. OH. Some of you already know, but since I don't know who actually reads this, I'll let you all know. Monday, I visited David Crowder's house. As many of you also know, he's basically my favorite ever. So I was super stoked to get the opportunity to go to his house for this "freshmen party/gathering". My friend Andrea had to work until 8, so we got there at the tail end. We hadn't eaten, but all the food was getting put away. David asked us if we'd gotten enough to eat, etc, and when we mentioned how we'd just arrived and not eaten, he made us eat. Ninfa's mexican food. Good stuff. I only wished we'd gotten there a little earlier so it didn't feel like we were just taking up space and being in the way of cleaning up. But his house is freakin' beautiful. It's all like old/antique-y but super cool. I should've taken pictures. haha. I took a picture of his porch. It was huge and white and had a swing. AND he had a wooden swing tied to a tree in his front yard!! So fantastic.
    That's all for now, I guess. I had my first Religion and Calculus tests yesterday and today. We'll see how those went...ehhhh.
                                    HAPPY WEEKEND FRIENDS!

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