Saturday, September 11, 2010

one of those days

so I've pretty much done nothing today. it's kinda nice. It's not even dreary out, but it has been nice just staying in and chillin'. There's a game today. It's parent's weekend. I'm not going to the game. But last week's game...our first home game. EPIC. I got to run the "L" flag of "LINE" in "Baylor Line" heading off our freshmen class rushing the field. It was such a sweet experience!! My friends and I painted our faces and everything too. We were full of the Baylor spirit. I kinda love it. But I'm not really into football. haha. The picture is of some of us that ran the flags. The guys were part of "Baylor" and got to stay on the field and run out everytime Baylor scored a touch down, which was a lot. We smoked Sam Houston State, 34-3. SIC 'EM BEARS. =D

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