Sunday, October 30, 2011

what happened to october?

i can't believe october is pretty much over. and how it's almost my birthday. i'm really looking forward to it. really i just want to make it through this week. and next monday. then i'll be good for a spell. whoop.
i kind of want to take a poll and see how many people legitimately read this. but now's not a good time to do it because i'm not getting on facebook till my birthday and that's how i get most of my hits for sure. and apparently from this blog i follow that i commented on like 5 times once to try to win an iTunes giftcard. so i guess people found me that way. cool.
anyways, so my life has been pretty humdrum lately. it's almost homecoming so i can write a sweet blog about that. haha. but I have done some stuff that's been fun/interesting since i last blogged. i'll make a list since i'm really good at those. =)
1. made a stop motion video [watch it on youtube]

2. participated in the Coaster Crawl, where we went to different cafes, bars, etc [all local] and talked about human trafficking and had coasters with stories of freed slaves from texas on them to give to the businesses if they wanted them. it was an interesting experience...

3. made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!
4. went to see paranormal activity 3.
5. hung out with my lifegroup and went tortilla tossing for the 2nd time ever, still suck but am oddly better with my right arm.

so delicious.

right handed?

my lifegroup is rad.

that's all folks.

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