Thursday, October 20, 2011

i'm gonna do exactly what i want

[that's really only my blog title because that song is stuck in my head. yay jon mclaughlin!]

it's thursday. whoop. i kinda always like my thursdays because i always feel productive. i run in the morning, go to my neuroscience lab, do homework for my classes in the afternoon, go to said classes, make dinner..etc. then the next day is friday and that's always fabulous. slash i've started saying whoop a whole lot lately and it's kind of annoying me...oh well.
so the whole point of my blog was going to be about social work and all the craziness that's up with that but i'm not really feeling like being serious and getting all bummed out sooo i'll write about that probs tomorrow.
today my friend/one of my roomies katie and i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are divine! greatest cookies in the world. and i don't even like pumpkin pie, which is strange because i like everything else pumpkin...bread, cookies, scones, the like. maybe i should try pumpkin pie again? perhaps. i think it's a texture thing with it though and it's much more concentrated pumpkinness sooo.
okay, umm what else...i got nothing really. i should probably not just blog when i don't really have a purpose of what i'm writing...
oh i've started a thankful thursday thing, so i'll share that here..[i tweet it so i can hashtag. hah]

1. EMP [early morning prayer] while it was still dark out
2. Acing my history midterm
3. Cajun food day at Collins
4. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
5. Listening to Jon McLaughlin's new cd "Forever If Ever"
6. this was Sweet Home Alabama but it wasn't actually on tv; it was some new show named the same thing as the movie. dumb.

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