Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall withdrawal

I want to be in Indiana so bad right now. Fall weather, colorful trees, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, family, cross country. Seriously. It's killing me. I don't remember wanting fall this bad last year. I don't necessarily feel homesick; waco's got some semblance of home for me since I'm here for 9 months out of the year pretty much. I just hate how we don't get real seasony around here. All that signifies fall around here is football games. and I don't even really like football. But it's a habit, a way of life, an expectation here to go to all the home games, to watch the ones on tv when they aren't at home. Also, because I 1. don't really care about football and 2. am not from Texas, half the games that are really intense aren't that intense for me because I don't hate A&M or UT. Granted if I had been at the game today at A&M, that would've been a different story. I like going to games because of the atmosphere. Everyone's so crazy and cheering and it's fun. So I'm really actually excited for the Homecoming game because it's going to hopefully be fall by then [Nov 5] and it's obviously a home game so I'll be able to people watch and all that jazz.
Can I just say that right now fall break has been nothing like I was thinking it'd be and I'm kind of okay with that? I still want to make a stop motion video sooo let's wrap this up and brainstorm/take 100s of pictures. if I actually end up making something cool I'll post it on here. duh. =) or link to where you can watch it. yay! happy fall...

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