Wednesday, December 14, 2011

all i can say right now

generic end of the year, looking back. except i don't even want to go back a whole year. that's much too long. i feel like i'm always taking time to reminisce and look back on the past. and i probably shouldn't do it so much. i'm trying to live in the present here people! looking back usually just makes me sad. so that's why i'm just going to highlight this past semester and try not to feel too sad by the end.
let's start by saying, this semester was amazing. it really was. so many awesome, life goal sorts of things. well really only like 1. haha and that was getting my picture with David Crowder. Can we just pause for a moment and honor DC*B? Because let's get real here...that was the whole reason I really was interested in Baylor. Obviously God had more up his sleeve, getting me to actually end up at Baylor and meet so many spectacular people. He's also done real well in getting my crazy fangirl dreams to come true too. =) So thanks God! haha I'm really not a crazy fangirl. You probably don't believe me. I'm actually the epitome of cool and collected and probably would not have had such experiences if I were my usual chicken self. I'm actually realllly awkward about meeting people in general so multiple that by like 12 and you've got me when I'm meeting someone I really respect and think is the coolest thing since sliced bread. But desperate times call for desperate measures so that's why I stood outside for like an hour waiting for David to come to his tour bus when I went to the 7 tour in Dallas because it was the last time I'd ever get to have that chance to get my picture with him unless I just ran into him randomly in Waco. And the only thing I could think to ask is "How tall are you?" Really Beth? There is so much more I could've said in that moment but I'm horrific at putting my thoughts into words. So if David ever reads this, please know that I really do think you're so fantastic and really, your music has changed my life and gotten me where I am today and I like to think that someday in Heaven we can be BFFs. [that no where near accurately describes how thankful I am for DC*B but we'll just leave it at that.] I actually just had a dream last night with the band in it. Seriously. It was great. If real life could be a DC*B concert all the time, I'm pretty sure I'd be set for life. Hold up. I'm not even talking about what I originally intended. Am I surprised? No. My mind moves too fast when I get one blog idea; a million more take that chance to jump on the boat too. Not okay! Ah.
whatever, talking about how fabulous DC*B is is way better than getting all sad looking back at the past. Because even if this semester really was such a blessed semester, I'd somehow end up talking about more stuff from my past that I'm sad no longer applies to my life, how losing friends sucks and blah blah blah. All that matters right now is that I know I am blessed beyond belief by a God who loves me to the ends of this earth and I will always be loved that much and if I could just get it in my head that He's ALWAYS got a good plan for my life even if I don't see it, I just have to remember to let Go[d]. Heyo. I know you see what I did there. =)  Tricky tricky.
Okay, enough of this. I'm getting all rambly.
I'll just go watch more of Modern Family. =)

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  1. Ecclesiastes 7:10 & 14. when i'm tempted to focus on the past rather than the present, i read those two verses and move on.