Saturday, December 31, 2011

don't wear it out

I'm tempted to go to bed without ringing in the new year. Honestly, I'm a bit over it. Having parties and watching a ball drop on TV is just sort of lame. Sure it's a new year, but it's not like it's going to be drastically different world when the clock hits midnight. Let's be real. It's already 2012 in half the world. It's been 2012 in Australia for like ever. [I don't know the time difference but isn't it like 10 hours? I have no clue.] Although I think it'd be neat to be in Times Square for the New Year, I can't say I see any reason to celebrate this day any different than any other. We should be thankful we've made it this far. Thank God for all the good He's brought and thank Him for bringing us through the trials. He provides and will continue to provide regardless of whether it's a new year or not. I don't know. I'm just feeling a little cynical about the whole craze about a new year. Why does the new year get celebrated but not a new month? No one posts Facebook statuses saying "Yes, April's been great, can't wait to see what May's got in store!". Maybe I should start something. ha.
Whatever. Party on, friends. I'll probably be sleeping. Might as well live up to my nickname my roommates pegged for me. Might as well ring in the new year like any other night...sleeping before midnight. I'm probably the coolest kid there is. I'm more in a chill mood, rather than a whoooohoooo mood so that's probably why at this time I could care less it's going to be 2012 in like 2 hours. I'm so exciting.

Hi and Lois Cartoon for Dec/31/2011

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