Tuesday, December 6, 2011

summer job summer job summer job

ahhhhhhh. spring hill wants me for their day camps this summer!!! how awesome is that?! things are definitely looking more set than they ever were last summer. haha. i'll actually have a real set, 5-6 days a week job! ptl. literally just got off the phone with the day camp guy/the guy who interviewed me who is kinda the coolest guy ever and i've never even met him. what? whoa. so many emotions right now. i'm going crazyyy.

except, i kinda would rather have a job with forest park summer camp. but i can't apply for that one until i get home. dangnabbit.
but then i kinda really love the spring hill people and everything they're about and forest park isn't on that same line. i'd be way closer to home working at forest park though and that'd be nice after being away at school in texas then abroad in scotland. soooo yeah.
this is shaping into the thoughts of me making a pros/cons list. all about lists so this could be good. or it could just make my decision harder. bahhh.
i have so much on my plate right now, i'm feeling a little overwhelmed. finals. social work app. visa app. finals. financial aid crap. ahhh

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