Wednesday, September 21, 2011

story of my life.

things i should be doing:
reading english homework
starting to read novel for history
reading neuroscience
writing reaction paper for marriage&the family
application for University of Edinburgh
then filling out my course equivalency form
 emailing department heads
planning my social work essay
writing/researching sw essay
working out

things i would rather be doing:
reading The Help
watching my TV shows
getting a massage
eating cookies
pretending it's friday
jamming to music
mindless activities

one step at a time. i'm going to take a shower. it's the middle of the afternoon. nbd. cleanliness is important and it's something i'm not going to want to do later tonight after dwelling place. maybe it will wash away my lack of productivity so i can get things accomplished before dwelling place. holler at me. how is september almost over?!

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