Friday, September 16, 2011


that's kind of a pun and i just thought of that off the top of my head. shoot. i'm awesome. and home alone. and wanted to make taco shells. but i couldn't get the salsa jar open. totes lame. guess i'll save that for a later date. i made the split decision to make the italian blend pasta my mom sent me instead because the water for the jumbo shells started boiling and i didn't want to cook those since i wasn't making the shells tonight anymore. so it smells like spices and yumminess now.
world mandate starts tonight. that's this annual[sort of? they didn't have it last year...] missions conference that antioch puts on. Apparently it's like the best thing ever. I don't doubt it. I just don't feel up to it this weekend so here's to praying I won't let my attitude get in the way of experiencing Jesus. AMEN. okay. I think my pasta's done so I have to go. maybe i'll get some pushups in after dinner before I get picked up so I can open the salsa tomorrow for dinner. haha well, i might be busy world mandating tomorrow at dinner time. i honestly don't really know. ehh.
over and out girl scout.

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