Friday, September 23, 2011

wake on up from your slumber

well let's see. this afternoon has been crazyyy. I got out of my Social Work class and came back to our apartment to get ready to go to Goodwill to try and find Baylor shirts me and my roomies could cut to tank tops and 3 Spoons for noms. So we were unsuccessful finding Baylor gear but we found loaf pans so we could make pumpkin bread!! YES. Then we went to 3 Spoons, saw Petco and decided we'd take a visit there to just look around at the cute animals. We ended up getting 2 shrimpy shrimps, 2 zebra danios[which I affectionately named Fred and George], and 3 neon tetras. Too legit to quit. & we bought a coffee maker for their fish bowl. =) yay!
However, it's now been literally two hours since we bought said fish and we're down to 1 fish[George] and the shrimp. Sad day. We're blaming Waco's water. At least that stuff doesn't kill me when I drink it. =/ Oh, and more randomness...we are cooking pizza now and the pizza pan is curling?! this is not okay.
The best parts of my day so far though have been...NEEDTOBREATHE The Reckoning cd came in the mail for me today!! YAY! and one of my classes was cancelled and the pumpkin bread deliciousness. soooo yummy.
UPDATE: All fish are dead. =( cheers to the freakin' weekend.


  1. Did you put the fish in distilled water? Most fish can't survive in just tap water.
    P.S. It's looking more hopeful that I might be able to go to Dallas next Saturday, but it's still not a sure thing.


  2. Distilled water will kill them too. Remember our huge fish tank we had when you were little. The water was supposed to be at a particular temp. and we had to filter it and do lots of stuff to it for those kind of fish. maybe you should buy goldfish or those beta fish. Sorry to hear of your loss

  3. we had them in just tap. the lady didn't tell us we had to use specific water, but that's probably because she wasn't the fish expert. we're going to hopefully get a refund since they had a 30 day guarantee.
    and yayay jon; I hope you can for sure!