Sunday, May 29, 2011

introverted heaven

this post brought to you by: my favorite blog and a new obsession

So, if you haven't been reading my blog for very long, you may not have caught my inspiration for the random letter blogs I do. Well thanks, again to Today's Letters (this time via their twitter...!/todaysletters) I felt inspired. She tweeted about being alone for the night and called it 'introverted heaven'. I feel like more and more I'm seeing how I'm totally an introvert and I think I really like it. Maybe it's because my sister and I had our house to ourselves for a week, or maybe it's because I don't feel like as many of my friends actually want to hang out, but I really like being alone and just chillin'. It gives me time where I can just sit and listen to music, watch movies, bake cookies, or actually be productive. Lately, I just feel like being around too many people just makes me antsy to leave and be alone. I'm not a loner; I do like hanging out with people. But I feel so much more at ease and energized being by myself. Funny, this is totally opposite of what ironically my older sister wrote on her blog the other day. She's energized by being with people, even if it's just going somewhere and people watching. Shoot, I like people watching, but it's not something I'd pick to do over sitting at home and reading a book. I feel like being introverted makes me lazy and maybe that's a whole other aspect of who I am, but it's just been hard for me to feel motivated to do much and I feel like I don't have any real passion that I can put a finger on. I like doing stuff like reading and watching movies and eating and napping and writing people letters, but none of that really transfers into a passion. I'm totally getting to a new topic so, I'd better stop for now and save that stuff for later.
Good night!
Oh, I didn't mention my new obsession. haha. Perhaps as a result of my introvertedness and spending time alone and lack of real desire to go do things, I've started watching The O.C. Judge all you want; I know it's totally ridiculous, but I like it, okay?

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