Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh these days

Dear Country music, I can't believe I'm listening to you on my own time, not because someone is forcing to me while we're in the same car or whatever. This doesn't mean I love you, but I definitely can tolerate you a little more.

Dear Texas, I think I'm going to miss you a lot this summer. You like it when I say "y'all", but laugh at me when I still sometimes say "pop" not "soda".

Dear Acts Church, Your study night last night was great. Awesome snacks, and y'all are SO nice. Plus I got to hang out with my friends. Always a good time.

Dear Homestead Heritage, I could totally live here. So simple and sustainable. I couldn't help but think about how much my family would love a place like HH. (Reason to visit me again sometime? =)) Your breakfast was legit. All of us lifegroup girls are obsessed.
study partyyy.

1 comment:

    You make me laugh :)
    and Yes, WE will miss you this summer!!!